The Solution

After a competitive analysis of all relevant storage options, Pop selected OpenDrives technology to solve these technical challenges. This solution included an OpenDrives All-Flash Apex 18 (10 GB SFP + Networking), Hybrid SSD/HDD Summit 144 with 2 x SpectreX 180 expansions and 40 GB networking.

The flexibility of OpenDrives to easily map user accounts to one another and to allow for the implementation of file system permissioning that adheres to the company security policies was a crucial factor in Pop’s selection process. The OpenDrives storage also provided future-proofing by enabling higher resolution workflows including 4k video and beyond. Because OpenDrives storage is more efficient and offers zero-downtime expansion, Pop was able to upgrade to OpenDrives at a lower capacity than competing SAN solutions with a clear and easy roadmap to grow and scale as needed.

The Experience

After installation, OpenDrives’ usage and performance analytics features were able to significantly enhance Pop’s archiving software. Moreover, Pop experienced substantial throughput performance increases. Leveraging storage-side and network analytics, the OpenDrives team worked with Pop and their backup vendor to develop and implement an enhanced backup workflow to accelerate this process.

The Value

By selecting OpenDrives, Pop was able to invest in a completely new and better performing system at a significantly lower cost than a new SAN system. The simplicity of OpenDrives NAS technology offered simplified manageability and lowered total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for costly SAN engineers and consultants to build and maintain a separate fibre channel network in parallel to their Ethernet network, provision LUNS, and constantly manage connectivity and permissions for workstations and users.

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