The Challenge

Shooting Gone Girl in 6K meant Fox and David Fincher needed a storage system that could meet demanding requirements. Playback of a single stream of 6K DPX files requires 1.6 gigabytes/second, performance no traditional centralized storage system could meet. Additionally, they needed to be able to apply real-time transformations on reframes, as cropping and reimporting would slow down their aggressive workflow.

Additionally, Fox required concurrent editing, VFX, and compositing of different shots without transferring back and forth between local workstation storage and the networked share. This meant the entire film had to be kept online and centralized throughout the creative process. To accommodate various disparate workflows and the comfort level of the creatives, the storage system had to work seamlessly with Mac and Windows devices.

The Solution

OpenDrives Apex delivered the perfect solution. The only system that could deliver the playback requirements, Apex’s all-flash system allowed editors and visual effects artists to work on multiple projects on a centralized shared infrastructure.

Delivering coherent permissions and accessibility from both OSX and Windows workstations, Avalanche was self-contained in a single 4 Rack Unit controller that simplified deployment, maintenance and footprint.

VFX shots and composites were completed in-house and parallel to editing. OpenDrives’ creative fluidity allowed project files to be opened, recognized and adjusted on the fly.

The Result

Apex ensured smooth scrubbing and playback, faster exporting and transcoding, and reincorporated completed composites 200% faster than traditional render and replace workflows.

In making Gone Girl, David Fincher and Fox pushed technologies and workflows to their limits. The OpenDrives Avalanche was the only storage solution that could deliver both the performance demands and ensure the creatives were provided the toolset they needed focus on their process.

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