Digital Media

Performance is critical when working collaboratively with image and video content

Our origin Story

involves solving the most difficult challenges in M&E

Our corporate story began by solving difficult problems in media and entertainment that other storage players simply couldn’t. Video-based digital content and associated workflows require the highest level of overall storage performance, from speed and throughput to low latency and resilience to fluctuating operational conditions.

OpenDrives’ enterprise storage solution for media, image, and video demonstrates our core industry expertise while bringing high-value innovations with flexibility, scalability, and modularity to tackle any workflow you throw at it.

High-value outcomes for any digital video content


You could say that post-production workflows are our sweet spot. Many of our engineers, developers, and support professionals spent time in the industry, so we have first-hand knowledge of the problems and challenges that post-production organizations face. Our enterprise storage solution is purpose-built to support the most demanding post workflows with performance to spare.

  • Collaborative teams can take advantage of greater responsiveness and shorter time frames to complete critical post-related tasks
  • Our many industry partnerships provide you with enhanced support for leading applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic Resolve


Broadcast organizations need greater performance from a more compact storage solution that also supports a wider range of new broadcast technologies. That’s a tall order to fill, but not for OpenDrives. With a redesigned form factor and a flexible and scalable architecture, our enterprise storage solution for broadcast workflows helps creatives transform and shape content for distribution through many IP-based channels.

  • 2U form factor for enterprise storage creates increased mobility in space-constrained broadcast trucks without performance loss
  • Containerization enables critical broadcast applications to run on our storage solution, sitting as close to the data as possible

Video Surveillance

A high-octane video surveillance system is only as good as the enterprise storage supporting it. The number of cameras and video resolutions are increasing at a rapid rate, so only a storage solution that can work with hundreds or thousands of cameras without loss in performance can ensure you don’t lose critical video segments. With OpenDrives, you can centralize your surveillance video in the short term while also taking advantage of hybrid capabilities to push content into the cloud for more cost-efficient longer term storage.

  • Robust performance means that no matter how many camera streams you throw at it, your OpenDrives enterprise storage solution can keep up without operational degradation
  • Flexible and scalable solution enables you to scale up or out to meet the dynamic demands of your video surveillance infrastructure

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging has advanced light years in terms of what it can capture and help physicians discover. These advances, though, demand highly performant storage that interoperates seamlessly with medical imaging systems and other critical applications. OpenDrives’ enterprise storage solution for medical imaging accelerates performance while helping organizations maintain cost efficiencies. We also provide a simple and flexible solution designed around modularization, so your enterprise storage grows with your medical imaging infrastructure.

  • Unparalleled speed and throughput means that no matter what kind of images you throw at it, you won’t experience latency or drops in performance
  • General-purpose enterprise storage can accommodate other data-intensive workflows to underpin multiple departments and users