The Challenge

Implement a storage solution that could support a major networking overhaul. They invested heavily into Cisco networking and converged computing solutions, but the several storage vendors they explored could only offer an acceptable level of performance or interoperability with their key medical imaging platform (PACS).

The Solution

The Steadman Clinic implemented an OpenDrives Summit storage solution, which is a hybrid combining powerful but cost-effective HDD technology incorporating flash drives. Summit is a highly flexible enterprise storage solution capable of providing a robust infrastructure for high-resolution images and video. Summit is the perfect solution for The Steadman Clinic, as it balances fast throughput for PACS and their Biomotion diagnostic lab.

The Result

The Steadman Clinic was able to stabilize their storage infrastructure and improve transfer speeds and throughput without sacrificing data integrity. Moving their PACS onto the OpenDrives Summit platform was successful, resulting in over 30 TB of images safely residing on the storage infrastructure. They were also able to migrate their advertising and marketing footage onto Summit as well, much of which was distributed across many different storage disks.

As a result, The Steadman Clinic has achieved accelerated performance with a cost-effective price point, complete reliability, and scalability with consistency and accuracy of data. And that level of outperformance keeps them way out front.

Read the full case study here.

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