Evolving technologies challenge broadcasters to adapt. What’s needed are smaller solutions that pack a bigger punch.

Broadcast Can Be Complicated

but it doesn’t have to be

Broadcast workflows require robust IT solutions, including fast and flexible data storage, to accommodate aggressive time frames to deliver live broadcast transmission and then edited broadcast content through numerous media distribution channels. Broadcasters also need to support newer video formats, higher resolutions, and the overall increase in data size and complexity. Add to all this a growing requirement for smaller, more lightweight equipment which is more appropriate for mobile broadcast trucks, and you can see the reason that OpenDrives’ simple, flexible, and scalable enterprise storage is ideal for any broadcast operation.

One storage solution
driving the entire
broadcast workflow

Broadcast is more than just capture and immediate transmission of live content. The complete workflow encompasses editors and other creatives transforming and augmenting content for redistribution through social media or live or on-demand streaming or OTT platforms. Supporting this dynamic and highly collaborative process requires highly performant enterprise storage at every stage. 


OpenDrives provides key features to help you outperform with the following:

Content Transformation
and Delivery

Collaborative teams of editors working with live footage transform content into versatile formats and customized segments ready for multi-channel distribution. Our Atlas software provides Inline caching and other intelligent data handling features to decrease latency, accelerate throughput, and provide ideal conditions for compelling near-live, sizzle reels, and on-demand videos.


A key part of the broadcast workflow involves rapidly transferring raw and edited content into central storage for access management solutions to transfer downstream for multi-channel distribution, including social media, streaming, and rebroadcasting. Our broadcast solution enables containerized applications involved in data transfer to reside directly on storage to speed up the entire process.



The tight environment and weight constraints of mobile broadcast trucks require a smaller form factor and highly modularized storage solution with high portability and no loss of performance. Our Ultra Hardware Platform is ideal for broadcast organizations looking to streamline their technical capabilities in the field.

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