Benefitting from reliability and stability

The Challenge

OpenDrives began working in a consultative manner with Savage VFX, putting into place an enterprise storage solution specially designed for the demands of post-production workflows. The goal was to infuse Savage’s operations with speed, stability, and scalability that could seamlessly work with, and accelerate, Adobe Premiere Pro editing workflows.

The Solution

The system that OpenDrives installed allowed Savage VFX to share very large volumes of post-production data very quickly with the highest reliability and stability in a shared environment for various artists.

The Result

OpenDrives helped Savage balance high performance and stability with cost-effective operations. Savage VFX couldn’t afford an underperforming storage solution, but equally, they couldn’t afford to have a team of system administrators toiling away to keep a storage infrastructure up and running. OpenDrives struck the right balance.

In order to stay competitive, we had to find a storage solution that is fast and didn’t require a full-time system admin. OpenDrives allows us to stay competitive with a real-time workflow for our artists.

Brice Liesveld
Co-founder, Savage VFX