Containers make lightweight 
applications possible

Our approach to containerization opens up a marketplace of applications to run on your storage and increase the efficiency of your workflows

Are you
benefitting from
containers yet?

Containers have made a significant impact on the growth and adoption of cloud services. The ability to package customized portable applications with their libraries and dependencies makes containers ideal for rapid stand up and tear down of cloud-based resources based on changing business conditions–adaptability at its best. We’ve gone one step further by enabling our solutions to run containers directly on storage, bringing critical applications and the data they handle and process closer together. The outcome of this type of flexibility is nothing less than secure, scalable performance.

Performance gains

Often, performance comes at a steep cost when additional servers and hardware are needed to drive enterprise applications. Well, we’ve solved for that. Run containers directly on the storage solution, bringing applications closer the data to increase performance dramatically while reducing latency.


Many organizations simply don’t have the internal operational expertise to manage containerized environments. That’s an unreasonable demand to make, especially when the goal is to reduce expenditures and increase efficiencies with containers. With OpenDrives, you can manage containers with ease.

Operational efficiencies

Leveraging the ease with which you can work with containers in the OpenDrives ecosystem, you can streamline costs by running only the necessary application dependencies, which reduces resource needs and operational oversight.


Containers make it much easier to create flexible building blocks to manage enterprise workloads without having to deal with monolithic applications and solutions. Customize containers to build workflows tailored to your users’ precise needs, and that are optimized to run with OpenDrives storage.

High availability

Robust enterprise environments need to plan for the unexpected by accounting for redundancy and high availability of enterprise services. Migrate containers between controllers with the help of automation to ensure high availability of your application services.


We design our solutions to be as flexible as possible, including incorporating multiple methods to interoperate with OpenDrives. Now you can control containers through our accessible APIs for increased programmatic flexibility.

Pods & Recipes

Containers are so powerful because they are modular and customizable while also enabling you to create replicable packages of lightweight applications. Our approach to containers is unique because they run directly on our storage solution as “pods” delivering specific application services defined by the particular application “recipe” you define. In the marketplace of a more open-standards ecosystem, pods and recipes enable you not only to create and share containerized applications but also to use predefined ones without the overhead in time and effort of creating them yourself. Powerful containers can be as easy as downloading an app on your smartphone.