Empower Your Creative Team with Atlas

Our data and content storage platform, Atlas, empowers users to work collaboratively at speed and deliver seamless business outcomes, no matter where they are or what tools they prefer.

OpenDrives empowers storytellers, broadcasters, and sports organizations to create compelling content for their audiences easily, quickly, and without technology as a barrier.

Our Atlas data storage software allows users in organizations of all sizes to work collaboratively at speed, wherever they are located, and to deliver business outcomes with just one data & content enablement platform.

Storage Designed with Content Creation Teams in Mind

Unparalleled Performance

Experience the speed and reliability of our award-winning enterprise data storage platform. High performance with low latency to power through resource-intensive workflows or workloads, saving you time and money in trying to get your core business done (creating lively and engaging content) efficiently.

Cost-Effective Solution

Higher performance at less cost equates to faster delivery of more content creation. Get the best of both worlds - enterprise-level performance at a price that respects your budget. Less time spent wrangling technology or waiting for projects to render means more time that can be appropriated to the creative process.

Ease of Use

Spend less time managing storage and more time creating. Atlas is designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring your team can focus on what they do best.

Scalability for Growth

As your organization grows, Atlas grows with you. Easily expand your storage capabilities to meet the increasing demands of your projects.

Data Integrity and Innovation

Advanced technologies such as proactive data prefetching, atomic writes with checksums, and snapshots have made Atlas software a go-to in the media and entertainment industry. Further, we continue adding new features and technologies that our customers will be able to employ in their businesses.

Comprehensive Support & Professional Services

Comprehensive Support & Professional Services" to: We don’t take the role we play in our customers' mission-critical operations lightly — It starts with trust. Our global world-class, comprehensive support and professional services teams will show up for you!

Partner Integrations

We partner with our customers to break barriers in content production workflows with some of the most forward-thinking tools in the market to drive more valuable business outcomes for our customers.

EVS & Signiant

Delivering a next-generation broadcast solution, from ingestion of footage to file transfer, to support the biggest sports broadcasts in the world.

OpenDrives Anywhere & Blackmagic

An integrated remote editorial and post-production workflow, using a private in-place cloud model to power the DaVinci Resolve editing suite for users in multiple locations, without performance degradation.

OpenDrives & Adobe Premiere Pro

Collaborative editing solution for the modern enterprise. Our Atlas software adapts dynamically to data workloads and optimizes the performance of Adobe.

Key Capabilities

All Atlas software bundles include:

  • Local filesystem. Enables filesystem capabilities only for a single controller and configured storage media.
  • Local snapshots. Enables granular snapshots (for backup and restoration purposes) for the local single controller and configured storage media. Snapshots are immutable, meaning they cannot be overwritten by malware or other bad actors.
  • Local pools. Ability to pool together disks for the local single controller and configured storage media.
  • Routines automation. Ability to automate sequences of tasks for operational purposes.
  • System analytics. Ability to monitor the local single controller and configured storage media.
  • Email notifications for critical system events.
  • Ability to share volumes via the NFS and SMB protocols.
  • Configuration wizard. Quicker configuration and deployment into production.

Other capabilities available:

  • High availability
  • Single pane of glass (SPOG)
  • Mount management for S3
  • Remote pools
  • Remote snapshots
  • Containers
  • Active Directory support

Open Standards and Interoperability

Solving unique, mission-critical workflow challenges requires experience, open-mindedness, and collaboration. Introducing the open ecosystem of data services and workflow solutions—built around open industry standards and protocols, and driven by strategic technology partnerships.

OpenDrives is committed to forging partnerships with best-in-class tech companies and technologies to build solutions you can trust and to ensure you get the most value from your data. Explore our technology alliances, containerized applications, and an array of compatible third-party applications.


OpenDrives is committed to an open culture that places the highest priority on listening to our customers and responding to their needs and requirements with solutions enabling them to outperform.


OpenDrives believes strongly in the liberating power of open standards that tear down proprietary silos so that technologies can work seamlessly together to achieve valuable business outcomes.


OpenDrives is driving the initiative to create a more open IT ecosystem in which enterprise data storage assumes a leading role in helping businesses work with their data more efficiently and effectively.

Ready to Accelerate Your Content Creation?

In a world where content is king, your ability to produce high-quality, compelling media swiftly and efficiently sets you apart. Atlas bridges the gap between high-cost enterprise solutions and the need for affordable, high-performance, reliable storage that supports your creative endeavors. Designed specifically for enterprise-scale with plans tailored for small to medium-sized organizations, Atlas ensures that budget constraints never hold back your creative potential.

Why Choose Atlas?
Don’t let limited resources or vendor lock-in stifle your creativity or your ability to compete in today’s fast-paced content landscape. With Atlas, you’re not just investing in storage; you’re investing in your organization’s future, empowering your team to create without constraints.

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