Opening the bottleneck in performance

The Challenge

Corgan MediaLab produces a width breadth of digital media, from animation and motion graphics to VFX and 3-D architectural renderings. This is a demanding studio environment with resource-intensive creative workflows, which were being hindered by a number of performance issues. They were able to pinpoint the storage infrastructure as the culprit behind the bottleneck. In addition to a non-linear workflow, versioning was non-existent at the time. Despite a very robust fiber-optic based internal network, data transfer speeds were still extremely slow and even small videos and playback would lock up the network. Together, these difficulties led to significant delays and manifested in usability issues on top of issues of system performance.

The Solution

OpenDrives took a consultative approach with the professionals and creatives at Corgan MediaLab to support their varied video and post-production workflows. OpenDrives’ enterprise hybrid SSD/HDD solution for production was augmented by an all-HDD solution for enterprise backup and archiving—all powered by our Atlas software. This replaced Corgan’s tape-based workflow and helped to facilitate reuse of footage.

The Result

The MediaLab can now build real-time workflows for their mixed media environment. This capability provides the team with a shared space for real-time collaboration across multiple applications and workstations. OpenDrives storage delivers solid support for their creative needs, resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction. In their own words, “we can now do everything.” Corgan MediaLab’s story proves that outperformance is creativity without technical barriers.