The Challenge

Eliminate a number of difficulties with their creative workflows. Corgan MediaLab pinpointed the storage infrastructure as the culprit behind the bottleneck. Also, implement versioning which was non-existent at the time. Even small videos and playback would lock up the network.

The Solution

OpenDrives took a consultative approach with the professionals and creatives at Corgan MediaLab to support their varied production workflows, which comprise 3D, VFX, film services, and a host of other high-intensity workflows. The OpenDrives enterprise solution for production (Summit) was augmented with a back-up and archiving solution (Ridgeview) to replace a tape-based workflow and to help facilitate reuse of footage.

The Result

Corgan MediaLab can now build real-time workflows for their mixed media environment. This capability provides the team with a shared space for real-time collaboration across multiple applications and workstations. OpenDrives storage delivers solid support for their creative needs, resulting in the highest level of customer satisfaction. In their own words, “we can now do everything.”

The Corgan MediaLab story proves that outperformance is creativity without technical barriers.

Read the full case study here.

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