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Wanting to work with and edit 8K in real time? Or maybe you’re trying to migrate from a complex, outdated SAN to an efficient Ethernet-based NAS storage solution? Whether you need workflow expertise or the most effective technology solution that’s implemented quickly and correctly the first time, our channel partners have the in-house expertise to make your project a success.

Our channel partners work side-by-side with us to make sure they have the most extensive technical knowledge to bring you the outcomes you’re after—the peace of mind that only a single point of accountability overseeing every aspect of your project can give. Because when our channel partners outperform, you can get to that level of performance even faster and with confidence.

A major global music streaming service had issues with their legacy infrastructure. Even their audiences noticed. Our strategic channel partner, Chesapeake Systems, assessed the situation and got them back on track.

Chesapeake + Global Music Streaming Service

The Customer

The world’s top music streaming services deliver millions of songs and other content to hundreds of millions of global users. Given the enormous amount of content being streamed at any given moment, streaming services must depend on a robust IT and storage infrastructure to house and serve up music and other content upon request.

Music Streaming Service’s Pain Point

One of the largest music streaming services in the world decided to increase their West Coast presence by building upon a foothold in Southern California. Their goal was to build out West Coast operations as well as to stand up a music studio in Los Angeles to position themselves for future growth.

Unfortunately, problems started cropping up when their existing storage solution, which was EMC Isilon, began showing its age and reached its upper capacity limit. However, the situation became more serious when the service’s users began to notice a performance degradation. On top of that, the service’s data was growing at a monthly rate exceeding 20TB, and simultaneously 4K began to populate their workflows. All of these factors pointed to the need for an ultra-high performance shared storage solution to drive their continued growth and resolve their performance issues.

The Solution

One of our strategic channel partners, Chesapeake Systems, was the lead organization in performing initial assessments and technical consultations with this customer. These activities led to Chesapeake submitting a technical recommendation to implement multiple OpenDrives storage solutions in both the LA and East Coast offices (Summit and Ridgeview solutions in LA, and a Summit solution on the East Coast). Now, the service runs through their workflows incorporating Adobe Premiere Pro, Pro Tools, and Da Vinci Resolve without any performance limitations, their capacity issues are gone, and most importantly their end users no longer are distracted by storage-induced streaming degradations.

Chesapeake Orchestrated Project Success

Organizations like Chesapeake provide incredible value for these types of customers not only by exercising technical leadership but also by serving as the “connective tissue” of a large engagement involving multiple or many technology vendors. They analyze and diagnose customer problems, oversee all activities, bring in the right technology to solve each problem, and manage the customer’s expectations and the overall engagement relationship from beginning to end. That takes logistical expertise!

For this music streaming service, Chesapeake adeptly navigated multiple cities with different incumbent architectures and ultimately designed and implemented a solution connecting the customer’s locations more tightly, which allowed all editorial to be more cohesive. This was a major technical and logistical feat. The key to Chesapeake’s success was taking the time to understand the customer situation, identify the core issues, and then propose a best-in-class solution for storage, asset management, and the client experience. In addition, they factored in not only the customer’s current needs but also future ones as well, including power and cooling requirements that would arise down the road. Chesapeake guided this music streaming service into the future while resolving their existing pain points.

A global sports broadcaster had some very unique requirements for their live coverage of championship games. Creative Mobile Solutions led the implementation of a remote workflow, implementing complex technologies while saving them time, effort, and money.

CMSI + US Sports Network

The Customer

Playoff and championship games in professional sports are about as big as they get for broadcasters. To cover sporting events like these and to profile all the players and action adequately, you need a superstar broadcasting outfit, one capable of handling the creative, logistical, and technical requirements for premier event coverage. Creative Mobile Solutions (CMSI) was working with a customer like this, one who was covering NBA championship games in multiple cities simultaneously. Both the customer and CMSI were painfully aware of the obstacles ahead of them.

Keep in mind that this was no inexperienced broadcaster. CMSI’s customer is a leading cable sports broadcaster in the US, with a reach of many millions of monthly viewers. They carry not only live sporting events but also sports news, commentary, and analysis programming. The customer also creates original programming for TV and radio and creates or repurposes content for various sports-related websites. Regardless of this experience, CMSI’s customer needed help to pull this off.

Sports Broadcaster Pain Point

The two biggest pain points that the customer encountered included: 1) the technical challenges inherent in the requirements listed above, and 2) the logistical challenges for the many cameras and personnel required for a multi-city broadcast. Both of these issues had to be resolved as cost-effectively as possible in order to create a perfect broadcast.

On top of that, CMSI’s customer wanted their coverage to be differentiated from what their competitors were doing. They wanted to implement different cameras for different purposes, including cameras for “regular” broadcast, slow-motion cameras for instant replay and playback, and super-slow-motion cameras for artistic views and angles. Added all up, they intended to use nearly two dozen cameras. This was a highly data-intensive deployment!
The customer also wanted to follow a remote workflow which did not require all editors to be located onsite. This meant that the supporting infrastructure needed to capture all these video feeds, aggregate them into a high-performing central storage, then redistribute them to remote editorial shops. While real-time broadcast was occurring, the customer also wanted to distribute the video simultaneously to these remote locations for editorial and repurposing efforts with those assets.

The Solution

Even though the games were filled with superstar athletes, the real star of the show was CMSI. Their ability to work with clients to improve tapeless workflows, which creates operational efficiencies and saves time and money, is one of their core services. With an already significant footprint into sports broadcasting, CMSI was in an ideal position to help their customer succeed with their coverage. Their oversight of the entire project—tying together the workstreams of multiple technology vendors—really facilitated the final solution.

CMSI’s solution included EVS servers to capture the dozens of video streams and an ultra-fast OpenDrives storage solution to aggregate and store all the data prior to remote transfer. The end result was that CMSI was able to seamlessly transfer video footage directly to broadcast for millions of audience members, while simultaneously replicating data to their remote locations. This allowed editors to perform instant replay and enhance the viewing experience with the addition of graphics. In addition to all this, the workflow included as part of the transmission a copy of the data to another offsite colocation for disaster recovery.

Incredibly, CMSI was able to accomplish the planning and deployment of the entire multi-city, multi-vendor solution within a three-week period.

The Value of Partner Involvement

CMSI designed a very strong remote workflow supported by best-of-breed technologies from EVS and OpenDrives. The customer’s ideal outcome was that the coverage of the games would go without a hitch, while also being cost-effective and inclusive of efficient remote editing. Mission accomplished there!

This is the reason that OpenDrives partners with industry-leading companies such as CMSI, who have the technical savvy and logistical know-how to pull it all off. Through our partnership with CMSI, we learned that broadcast events—even some of the most complex in the world, don’t require massive onsite editorial staffing.

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