The Cloud Empowers Your Business

So effectively managing your data storage in the cloud is imperative

Go hybrid without complications

Just a few years ago, most enterprises were still trying to figure out how the cloud could benefit the business. Now, the cloud serves many purposes across the enterprise, from dynamic services that scale to the needs of your company to flexible consumption models to ease CapEx concerns. But leveraging the cloud isn’t an all-or-nothing proposition—hybrid cloud architectures are changing the landscape of enterprise IT. To achieve true hybrid capabilities, you need to manage your data workfloads to and from the cloud effectively and efficiently. OpenDrives’ enterprise storage solutions, powered by Atlas software, gives you that ability to go hybrid with simplicity, flexibility, and scalability to spare.

Cloud & Hybrid

Gain the combined power of cloud and on-premises storage

Avoid the rip-and-
replace dilemma

Cloud resources are promising for many businesses because they help them pivot and adapt to changing market conditions. Going cloud is usually not a rip-and-replace proposition–instead, cloud capabilities can augment existing on-premises storage functionality in a hybrid approach to enterprise storage. The challenge is to ensure seamless access to whatever storage resource is required for the workload at hand, with the same user experience and performance expectations across the board. OpenDrives’ cloud and hybrid capabilities make the following outcomes possible:

  • Fulfill cloud-first initiatives and accommodate DevOps processes
  • Move to a more flexible OpEx consumption model
  • Lift and shift entire workloads between on-premises and cloud storage services
  • Use the cloud to scale your storage capabilities alongside your business needs

Benefits without the
operational hassle

Our Atlas Cloud Plus solution is a fully managed offer that extends the power and capabilities of Atlas software into the cloud, creating a virtualized storage solution with intelligent data handling such as inline caching and robust data integrity for a higher level of cloud performance. Our operational support takes the worry out of implementing and optimizing the solution, so your business can immediately start benefiting from it without steep learning curves. Atlas Cloud Plus helps you achieve the following:

  • Leverage public cloud resources to achieve scale-up performance rather than costly CapEx expenditures on equipment
  • Shift storage and operational management to a favorable and predictable OpEx consumption model
  • Eliminate the need for costly in-house expertise and ongoing training
  • Obtain expert support around the clock with service-level agreements (SLAs) to guarantee uptime

Remote Work with

Support your expanding remote workforce without performance loss

In the past few years, the trend toward employees working remotely outside of central offices has accelerated. Many workers and organizations have quickly adapted their processes and workflows to become more effective with remote work. Unfortunately, IT infrastructures have lagged behind this trend and still struggle to provide employees, especially creatives, with access to high-performance workstations and enterprise storage that they utilize within the confines of the central office. Our remote work capabilities make the following outcomes possible:

  • Enable editors and other creatives to work remotely with instantaneous responses and no latency with critical post-production tasks such as scrubbing video
  • Support remote workers with your existing OpenDrives storage solution without the need to reinvest in new storage equipment
  • Accommodate existing workflows with no adaptations other than your workers’ physical proximity
  • Achieve remote control of centrally located workstations with secure connections like HP’s ZCentral Remote Boost or Teradici’s external hardware and software remote connection solution