Atlas Core

Software-defined storage solutions for the Open ecosystem

Leverage the power of simplicity, flexibility, and scalability

Powerful software doesn’t have to create complexity. Our intelligent Atlas Core software enables simplicity of operations, workload flexibility, and scalability to address any data environment or need, creating a more streamlined data ecosystem. We’ve designed our Atlas software to be fast, adaptable, and efficient, so users spend less time managing storage and more time taking advantage of it. With powerful data handling capabilities underpinning your enterprise storage infrastructure, you can expect the following high-value benefits and outcomes.

Features & Outcomes


Ideal for managing data-intensive, heavy throughput workloads where software intelligence such as data caching and per-client bandwidth throttling create massive efficiencies in the management of data movement, improving your team’s productivity. Get the right data to the right user, fast.

Cloud and
Hybrid Enabled

Designed to connect seamlessly with S3-based public cloud storage services that work in tandem with on-premises storage resources, enabling you to take advantage of hybrid storage capabilities under any business conditions or workflows.


Open standards such as S3, SMB, and NFS support enable our storage solutions to work seamlessly with other products in an open data ecosystem, preventing constraining and pricey vendor lock-in.

of Use

Highly intuitive software with a consistent look and feel and simplified management in a single pane of glass, which reduces learning curves and operational costs. Automatic checksums and incremental snapshots effortlessly safeguard data integrity.


Because Atlas Core is software-defined, you can incorporate new features and functions for your storage solution without costly hardware upgrades. Now, your storage solution does more with new capabilities for quicker ROI and an extended lifecycle.


Containerization is making an impact on the portability of standardized executable software. We take that value one step further. Atlas Core enables application containers to run right on the storage data layer, in close proximity to the data those applications need. Reduce CapEx requirements and latency for improved application performance, with an appliance-like experience.


Offload applications from your expensive applications servers onto Atlas Core to reduce expensive server requirements and achieve CapEx savings.


Extend how you use your OpenDrives storage so that critical containers run on the data layer as close to the data as possible, dramatically improving performance.


Create pre-set standardized containers or customize them for your unique operational needs depending on your organization’s workflows.
Our Atlas software powers and extends all our enterprise storage solutions, creating operational efficiencies, scalability, and support for open standards.
Atlas Cloud Plus is a fully OpenDrives-managed solution that supports the virtualization of OpenDrives storage functions using AWS cloud services to replicate an on-premises storage solution in the cloud.
The Ultra Hardware Platform, certified to run Atlas Core software, provides highly performant functionality and scalability to create the next generation of performant enterprise storage for your organization.