The future of data storage is wide open.

We're software to the core

The nature of enterprise data storage is changing rapidly. Storage no longer just supports your IT infrastructure. It’s the centerpiece of a high-octane open data ecosystem. To leverage the full power of a distributed infrastructure, along with your public cloud resources, you need data storage that’s flexible and grows with your organization.

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Enterprise solutions that are configurable to your unique needs

Atlas, the software suite powering our Open ecosystem of next-gen storage solutions

Performant storage solution in public clouds, powered by Atlas software and managed by OpenDrives

Enterprise hardware solutions, powered by Atlas software

Enterprise storage that evolves with your business

Your investment into a storage solution shouldn’t just meet your current needs. It should also accommodate your future organizational data storage requirements with the ability to grow with your business. We design our storage solutions to grow with your organization, built on the following architectural principles:

Modular Flexibility

Scale-out capabilities with scale-up speed and performance

Software Driven

Intelligence built in to ensure efficient data handling

Open Standards

Support for open standards to avoid vendor lock-in

Flexible Solutions

Solve enterprise-wide storage problems without complexity

Cloud Ready

Support for cloud storage services along with on-premise deployments