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OpenDrives’ software platform provides features that put the focus on performance, resilience, and data integrity. Atlas combines incredible ease of use with a single pane of glass for centralized management of your storage infrastructure, no matter how modularized and distributed.

Atlas Cloud

Atlas Cloud takes simplicity, flexibility, and scalability to the next level. OpenDrives’ software platform can also manage cloud workflows leveraging your public cloud resources. The ability to virtualize an OpenDrives storage solution in the cloud through the same easy-to-use Atlas interface helps you take advantage of cloud flexibility while dynamically scaling to your workload needs.

Something new - Hyper-scale that’s incredibly flexible

With OpenDrives Ultra storage solutions, you can grow and scale in multiple dimensions. Whether performance, capacity, or concurrency—depending on your business needs. Our new Ultra solutions position you on the threshold of a new paradigm in hyper-scale storage, combining the power of scale up with the flexibility of scale out capabilities.

Our highest-performance hyperscale solution that provides the most extreme performance and throughput. The Ultimate puts you on the leading edge of ultra-fast, ultra-flexible storage. When performance is everything.

Our workhorse hyperscale solution that balances ultra-high performance and storage capacity flexibility. The Optimum can support both all-flash NVMe and SAS HDD storage modules. The choice is all yours.

Our all-HDD hyperscale solution that couples performance with cost efficiency. The Momentum is a solid contender for applications such as write-intensive workflows. Performance and flexibility without breaking the bank.

Tried and true - with scale-up storage

Our Scale-Up solutions have been driving some of the most extreme workflows in media and entertainment. With a choice of all-flash, hybrid flash, or all-HDD models, you can select the one that works best for your operations.

The most powerful all-flash network attached storage array for high-resolution image workflows

A versatile yet powerful hybrid flash (SSD/HDD) storage array for multiple, concurrent workflows

High-density all HDD storage array for nearline active archive

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