High-Density all HDD Storage Array for Nearline Active Archive

High-Density all HDD Storage Array for Nearline Active Archive

A high-density, ultra-efficient storage solution perfect for nearline and active archive use cases. Ridgeview provides cost-effective data resiliency, reliability and accessibility for the long-term while also delivering significant speed and performance.

Ridgeview is the perfect solution for multi-petabyte content libraries in a single, easy to manage volume. A compelling and faster alternative to LTO libraries and an ideal target for raw camera ingest.

Ridgeview is Perfect for Archiving
  • All-HDD archival solution.
  • Scalable to multiple PetaBytes.
  • 5 GB/s aggregate throughput.
  • Native NAS protocols (NFS,SMB)
  • Complete, transparent software integration for ease-of-use.
  • Small footprint for medium and long-term storage.
  • Built for long-term resilience and reliability, speed and data security.
  • The lowest cost per terabyte in the enterprise storage industry.
A Robust Software Feature Set at No Extra Cost
  • Fully-featured, industry-leading enterprise software.
  • Supports enterprise networking protocols.
  • Flexible Ethernet architecture for quick and easy setup (no costly fibre-channel switches or fibre runs needed).
  • A sleek and intuitive software management interface (OPUS GUI).
  • Optimized bandwidth monitoring and management.
  • In-line lossless compression across every file type.
  • Fault-tolerant, check summed storage to maximize data integrity.
  • Customized hardware configuration for enhanced software performance and integration.
  • Replication, mirroring, and data snapshots for disaster recovery.
  • Sophisticated load balancing for effective workload optimization.
  • Advanced metadata management for easy cataloging, filtering, and searching.
  • Zero-downtime expansion as your capacity needs grow.
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