High-Density all HDD Storage Array for Nearline Active Archive

High-Density all HDD Storage Array for Nearline Active Archive

A high-density, ultra-efficient storage solution perfect for nearline and active archive use cases. Ridgeview provides cost-effective data resiliency, reliability and accessibility for the long-term while also delivering significant speed and performance.

Ridgeview is the perfect solution for multi-petabyte content libraries in a single, easy to manage volume. A compelling and faster alternative to LTO libraries and an ideal target for raw camera ingest.

Don’t forget about building your disaster recovery plan with Ridgeview in mind.  Download our solution brief on business continuity to learn how Ridgeview has you covered.

Ridgeview is Perfect for Archiving
  • All-HDD archival solution.
  • Scalable to multiple PetaBytes.
  • 5 GB/s aggregate throughput.
  • Native NAS protocols (NFS,SMB)
  • Complete, transparent software integration for ease-of-use.
  • Small footprint for medium and long-term storage.
  • Built for long-term resilience and reliability, speed and data security.
  • The lowest cost per terabyte in the enterprise storage industry.
A Robust Software Feature Set
  • Fully-featured, industry-leading enterprise software.
  • Supports enterprise networking protocols.
  • Flexible Ethernet architecture for quick and easy setup (no costly fibre-channel switches or fibre runs needed).
  • A sleek and intuitive software management interface (Atlas GUI).
  • Optimized bandwidth monitoring and management.
  • In-line lossless compression across every file type.
  • Fault-tolerant, check summed storage to maximize data integrity.
  • Customized hardware configuration for enhanced software performance and integration.
  • Replication, mirroring, and data snapshots for disaster recovery.
  • Sophisticated load balancing for effective workload optimization.
  • Advanced metadata management for easy cataloging, filtering, and searching.
  • Zero-downtime expansion as your capacity needs grow.
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