In the Press

OpenDrives announced its latest software features as part of its Open Ecosystem solution. The Open Ecosystem bridges software, hardware, and services to facilitate workflows and workloads requiring flexibility, modularity, and scalability with a vendor-agnostic framework. At the heart of the solution is Atlas Core, the centralized hub for accessing, managing, and moving data with a single pane of glass administrative view.

OpenDrives leverages open protocols and standards to future-proof the entire data lifecycle, regardless of size, scale, or location. The integration with solutions partners, including Creative Mobile Solutions (CMSI), EVS, Western Digital, and Signiant, provides the resources for the Open Ecosystem to liberate data.

Chief strategy and operations officer at OpenDrives Sean Lee said:

“The true value of data materializes when users and applications are actively working with it, so it’s critical to move data rapidly to the right users and apps upon request. Whether it’s high-volume live broadcasting workflows to the tune of petabytes for millions of global viewers or data-intensive workloads to accommodate a large user base in a primarily remote-first enterprise, our ‘Open Ecosystem’ was created to unlock data’s true value.”