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Businesses are placing a premium on cultivating an open culture. This can mean different things to different organizations. But at its core, I believe it is the effort to create an environment in which employees can express ideas for the betterment of the company’s mission. This atmosphere is essential for all workers to ideate, create and innovate while having their ideas and opinions given equal treatment.

Both my military and corporate experiences underscore the value of open intellectual and behavioral culture, with one important distinction: In both environments, openness conveys the most value when put into decisive action, with clear and achievable outcomes for all stakeholders. More than a philosophical “safe space” in which ideas are suggested and openly considered, we need to encourage our professionals beyond the expression of good ideas into practical and beneficial action. In my opinion, that process begins with open-mindedness.

The Meaning And Value Of Open-Mindedness

At my company, we’ve made an effort to evolve past an open culture by encouraging a state of open-mindedness. We care so much about this actionable mindset that it is a core principle, along with the values of open standards and open integration of technology. But what is open-mindedness really, and how can it drive better value and outcomes for your organization? The nuances are key to understanding its real value.