Video Surveillance Storage
is on the precipice of a
major transformation

This transformation requires a purpose built video storage infrastructure.

New camera technologies and analytics can help your team to exponentially improve your security posture more cost-effectively than ever.

But the demands on the storage layer are significant.

Storage is the foundation of
your video surveillance system.

Without a reliable and performant storage system, capturing 100s or 1,000s of hi-res camera streams could result in lost video and analyzing forensic video could take weeks vs. hours.

OpenDrives Network Attached Storage (NAS) enables you to centralize video content storage into a single, expandable system that will provide trouble-free, high-performance video storage for additional cameras, new zones, or future analytics workloads.

Our hybrid storage solution also enables a secure and seamless way to take advantage of public or private cloud options for lower cost, long term archiving of your video assets.

Can you weather the pixel storm?

Today’s high-resolution cameras produce 10x the data of previous technologies. The rate and volume of incoming video data can swamp Network Video Recorder (NVR) technology.

Beyond sub-par performance, NVRs are challenged in this new environment:

  • Excessive burden in management and operations driven by re-mapping cameras and balancing workloads
  • Commodity-grade components have high failure rates. NVRs are basically low-grade servers and can’t be trusted to store critical footage
  • Significant exposure to data loss exists. There are many single points of failure in a stack of NVRs. Simply losing a cooling fan can overheat the system and prevent recording for long periods of time.

A freight train that performs like a super car

Unlike general purpose IT storage, our architecture and software is built to easily move massive amounts of data and streamline workflows in data-intensive applications like video surveillance

  • OpenDrives can ingest thousands of video streams, GB/s of interleaved video. This means no dropped frames or outages, regardless of the 
 number of active feeds hammering the system
  • Future-proof your storage architecture. OpenDrives has the ‘headroom’ performance to accommodate any workload and enable advanced functionality in the future
  • More performance per rack unit reduces space and energy cost
  • Hybrid architecture enabling transparent video movement to cloud storage, which can reduce long-term retention costs

OpenDrives simplifies video surveillance storage


Racks and racks of NVRs

  • Hard to manage
  • Expensive to scale
  • Limited performance
  • Prone to failure

Enterprise grade IT storage

  • Good reliability
  • Complex management
  • Limited video performance
  • Expensive to maintain
Most performant & effective

OpenDrives storage solution

  • Set and forget
  • Easy to expand
  • No performance limitations–scale up and out
  • Resilient to failure & HA

What makes us different

Beyond technology that is designed for heavy-duty video data ingest, OpenDrives has staffed a department of solutions architects to analyze and tune storage for specific workflows. We support our customers and partners in their efforts to get the best possible storage solution for every implementation.

When analytics or additional workloads are added to the system, our team is available to make sure the capabilities of the storage stay ahead of requirements. Our mission is to reduce the overall cost of storage, eliminate complexity, and make sure your storage infrastructure meets the needs of the surveillance implementation, today and tomorrow.

Our world-class support team has ready-access to engineering as needed. Our policy is to engage specialists early, to mitigate impact.

Don’t leave your security posture to chance

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