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The optimum enterprise-grade storage solution when your business requires flexible capacity, scaling and workhorse performance

Sometimes you need to balance storage performance with other equally important characteristics. The ability to choose between all-flash and HDD-based capacity makes the Optimum Series an all-around performer and load-carrying workhorse for your organization.

Capable of handling the most resource-intensive workflows, the Optimum Series gives you both power and flexibility when you need it most. When you pair the Optimum with a second compute module, you can take advantage of high availability and sleep better at night knowing that the Optimum just won’t quit.

Optimum series

Maximum enterprise flexibility

  • Both (via external PCIe connectivity) and HDD (via 12Gb SAS connectivity) solution
  • Accepts F (8 drives) or FD (24 drives) as well as H (21 drives) and HD (72 drives) capacity modules
  • Incredibly fast throughput with very low latency
  • High availability with the addition of a second Optimum compute module
  • Increase capacity with additional H and HD modules

Flexibility with options

Our Ultra storage solutions give you flexibility to build out an enterprise storage infrastructure tailored to your unique business needs. Increase performance, capacity, or concurrency, or all of them. Depending on which compute module you select, you can implement the right level of throughput, density, and other performance features.

Your choice of compute module also determines whether you can select all-flash NVMe, HDD, or a hybrid of both.

Capacity modules come in a variety of drive counts and capacities. All capacity modules except the HD are 2U rack units.

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