By Ethan Cole, PhD, Director of Product

When a company experiences explosive growth, like expanding 20% in a month, it’s easy for new employees to feel lost. Add onto that onboarding done while being remote, and it’s any wonder someone could feel like a part of their new team.

Your first day at a new company is generally filled with firsts. First time finding a spot in the employee parking lot. First time walking through the lobby. First time setting up your new desk. First time saying good morning to your new colleagues. A lot of firsts.

For me, the virtual onboarding experience at OpenDrives was new, and yet familiar. New faces on Zoom meetings. New Slack culture. New products to learn. And yet it was all being done from the exact same desk, and the exact same in-home office as my last job.

Fortunately, the OpenDrives team went above and beyond to make myself, Beth Soroko and Chris Walker feel like we belonged on Day 1. The folks at OpenDrives like to joke that “software is easy, people are hard” and strive to incorporate its values of grit, gratitude, trust, cooperation and vulnerability into everything we do. Sure, our warm welcomes came via Slack, and introductions were made in a gallery view on a Zoom call, but the sincere excitement of the folks on the other end of the screen gave all three of us validation that we joined the right team.

I was inspired to join OpenDrives as Director of Product by the opportunity to make a direct impact on the Data Storage industry. It’s a space that has not received a lot of TLC by consumer-focused Product People in the past, and I’m excited to bring to it my passion for providing customers with an absolutely enchanting experience.

Not long ago, electric cars were boxy, inefficient and a punchline for car enthusiasts. Today, they represent the fun and exciting Present and an unstoppable Future. Could data storage and it’s cold hard past experience a similar fate? We at OpenDrives sure think so!