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Learn Why M&E’s Top Players Like Fox Sports, the LA Kings, HBO, and More, are Switching Their SAN to OpenDrives

Closed, complex, and monolithic SAN environments are hard to manage, let alone upgrade and/or replace. But today’s data-intensive and unique media workflows require a highly performant, simpler, and flexible solution that can easily adapt and encourage technology adoption—something that yesterday’s SAN can’t easily do. 

So how do you navigate the complicated maze of enterprise storage to build the smartest solution for your organization that’s modern, scalable, and cost effective? If you find yourself setting up ineffective workarounds to get around your SAN complications, worrying about increased costs, and are discouraged by lack of end-to-end customer support, you’ll want to turn to the storage provider that the rest of Hollywood trusts: OpenDrives.

OpenDrives takes a different approach, embracing principles revolving around openness and simplicity and offering white-glove, end-to-end customer support. The positive outcomes include: better user adoption, fewer technical incidents, rapid issue resolution to decrease operational downtime, along with a much lower total cost of ownership, and overall— much better customer experience.

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