NAB Show: OpenDrives Unveils Vendor-Agnostic Software Solution

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Powered by Atlas, the centralized hub for accessing, managing and moving data with single pane of glass, solution bridges software, hardware and services to provide workflow solutions.

At NAB Show 2022, OpenDrives, Inc. unveiled its open ecosystem solution.

Powered by Atlas, the centralized hub for accessing, managing and moving data with a single pane of glass, the solution bridges software, hardware and services to provide workflow solutions that are flexible, modular and scalable, and fully agnostic.

Media workflows require scale-up, scale-out infrastructures at an enterprise level–monolithic, single-vendor products are not built for modularity to keep pace,” said Sean Lee, chief strategy and operations officer. “As former creatives, producers and studio engineers, OpenDrives understands that data is only as valuable as the ability to access, manage and transfer it. Every workflow, from feature film to live broadcast, has individual complexities–the open ecosystem provides the full range of solutions that drive performance outcomes, no matter the size, scale or location.

The company uses open protocols and standards to future-proof the entire data lifecycle, no matter the scale, size or location. By integrating partners, such as Creative Mobile Solutions (CMSI), EVS, Western Digital and Signiant, the firm has created an open ecosystem that is purpose-built to liberate data. Customers, including Fox Sports, have already begun to benefit from high-performant throughput rates and R/W speeds while eliminating redundant, patchwork products that are detrimental to the bottom line.

Open and agnostic infrastructure powers Fox Sports’ biggest events

For media trailblazers like Fox Sports, where global viewership, a rapid shift to IP and UHD/4K content (and soon 8K) puts data-heavy demands on workflows, the company has proven to power both the speed and simplicity for a seamless end-user and viewer experience.

Legacy systems required a ground-up restructure before every location filming and, worse, were prone to catastrophic hardware failures,” said Kevin Callahan, VP, field operations and engineering, Fox Sports. “Dozens of ultra-high-definition cameras, simultaneous live feeds and multi-million viewer events required flexibility and scale. OpenDrives provided the open and agnostic infrastructure we needed to put on our largest events and we put it to the test.”