LOS ANGELES, March 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpenDrives, a global provider of ultra-fast shared storage solutions for high intensity workflows from Hollywood to healthcare, announced today that its network-attached storage (NAS) solutions will demonstrate a live broadcast, multi-camera 4K workflow with broadcast solutions provider EVS in the StudioXperience booth at NAB 2019. OpenDrives Summit, a hybrid solution employing both a spinning drive for primary storage and an NVMe cache layer, will be showcased as the storage backbone for live broadcast workflows. The EVS XT-VIA production server will be racked and showcased for the demonstration.

EVS, the established leader in broadcast video systems, will be participating in the StudioXperience live broadcast demo with two XT-VIA live production servers along with IPDirector to manage ingest, control and instant access to media for post-production. “We are excited to be a part of demonstrating this UHD 4K workflow at NAB,” Nicolas Bourdon, Senior Vice President, Marketing for EVS, said. “As demand grows for higher resolution content, the need for extending that same content immediately at live broadcast events is accelerating the development of streamlined workflow between different technology vendors.”

Dynamic multi-camera live broadcast event production presents the need for technology partners to bring a level of expertise to production teams like never before. Enabling production teams to create videos on demand (VOD) during live broadcast events used to be funneled through disparate workflows. Now, however, with OpenDrives performance-based shared storage systems, teams can collaborate in real-time for faster content delivery.

OpenDrives, in partnership with Creative Mobile Solutions Inc. (CMSI), provided shared storage solutions for major esports event Blizzcon and enabled on-site post-production. “We’ve seen significant performance enhancements, reliability and basic ease of use with OpenDrives,” said Noah Gusdorff, President for CMSI. OpenDrives will again be working with CMSI in building the live broadcast demo environment at NAB, where CMSI will deploy a fully redundant virtualized EVS production environment showcasing flexible remote 4K workflows.

Read more about how OpenDrives provided an ultra-fast storage backbone for Blizzcon’s live broadcast control room here: https://www.sportsvideo.org/2018/11/02/blizzcon-is-bigger-than-ever-with-nine-stages-12-trucks-200-broadcast-streams/.

For more information about how OpenDrives provides not only the most powerful storage backbones for live broadcast events for fast and efficient VOD content delivery but also the most reliable, easy to install and manage solutions for broadcast workflows, watch the video at https://youtu.be/-ZO-BO_XQpo.

“What OpenDrives brings to the workflow are easy-to-set-up NAS solutions with the highest performance in the industry,” said Sean Lee, OpenDrives Product Evangelist. “OpenDrives enables live broadcast production teams to shoot high-resolution content and conduct immediate post-production to extend the content online. From camera to final delivery, OpenDrives manages an uncompressed workflow with no issue.”

In addition to the live broadcast demo at NAB, OpenDrives will also demonstrate editorial, color grading, VFX, transcoding and 8K camera RAW workflows.

Attendees can schedule a demo at NAB with OpenDrives here https://www.meetingbird.com/l/Duke1/NABDemo and are invited to visit the StudioXperience Booth SL3824 during the show for product demonstrations showcasing OpenDrives solutions that currently power the creative workflows at the largest media companies in the world.

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