LOS ANGELES, April 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpenDrives, a global provider of ultra-fast shared storage solutions for the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, announced today that its network-attached storage (NAS) solutions have launched with a proprietary media accelerator fully integrated with the Adobe Premiere® Pro CC video editing software, a key component of Adobe Creative Cloud®. OpenDrives’ product range includes Summit, a hybrid product employing both a spinning drive for primary storage and a large flash-based cache layer media accelerator (OmniDrive), available in both 1.6TB and 3.2TB configurations.

The upgraded release of OpenDrives solutions’ media accelerator employs NVMe (Non Volatile Memory Express) technology, the fastest form of flash storage currently available and twice as fast as the SSD technology previously used. Working with OpenDrives, entire teams of Adobe Premiere users can point their project files, database peek-in cache and media cache to OpenDrives’ Media Accelerator, allowing them to collaborate in real-time with dramatically improved loading, scrubbing and other operational performance. Early test results are striking: in comparing project load times employing competitive offerings versus OpenDrives products with the media accelerator show, load times were reduced from an average of 7.5 minutes to about 10 seconds.

OpenDrives’ extreme low latency is due to its loading all waveforms and peek-in cache files from their Media Accelerator, resulting in greatly improved performance across the board. In typical post-production environments, separate users are required to build their own local copy of a project that a primary high-end workstation has on its local storage. With OpenDrives, all users point their respective working directory, temporary folders and peek-in cache to the OmniDrive media accelerator, resulting in significantly faster access times both in terms of latency and throughput.

“As post-production workflows continue to evolve, increased speed and performance are often required by customers in the media and entertainment industry,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for Adobe. “We are delighted to see the performance boost that the OpenDrives OmniDrive media accelerator gives to even the most demanding Adobe Premiere Pro customers around the world.”  Read the full press release.

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