Why us intro
to some
people, it's
just data

and to some people,
mt. everest is just a
big rock.

Our #1 priority is you!

OpenDrives delivers advanced technical support from industry professionals with decades of hands-on experience building facilities anddesigning workflows. Every member of the OpenDrives support team has the expertise needed to diagnose and resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner. From post-production to VFX to motion picture and television production, our team of support engineers has been at the forefront of media & entertainment technology. Because we know when it’s your data, "good enough" isn’t good enough.

superior support and faster resolution

“Out of all of the hardware and software vendors we use, OpenDrives hands down has the best support. OpenDrives has continually helped support our endeavors and what really sets them apart from the competition is their response time and knowledge. As a business owner, I feel confident with them on my team and taking care of those critical infrastructure issues so I can focus on what matters most, running my business."

Gresham Lochner, Locktix

Speed. Cost. Simplicity

Some people just don’t get it. They don’t see the importance of data storage, to them it’s just another technology. But you know the truth. Every task, from ultra high resolution finishing to web content distribution relies on fast information retrieval and processing. Data is important. It’s what helps define us as a species. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide faster, more efficient data storage at a price point that’s on-budget. We’re driven by data, constantly seeking new, more effective ways to store and manage it. Why? Because you need it. We are changing the world one byte at a time. Say goodbye to slow, expensive and unwieldy data storage systems. The future belongs to OpenDrives.

OpenDrives is miles above the competition

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OpenDrives gives you benchmark-shattering speed through a combination of proprietary software and hardware. Working together, they maximize performance to give you speed no one else can come close to.

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Your intellectual property is valuable and you need to maintain control over it. OpenDrives has been deployed in many secure instances that abide to the prevailing industry standards.

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reliability you
can count on

OpenDrives has built-in replication and mirroring processes that ensure your data is protected. OpenDrives utilizes in-flight corruption correction and power-loss corruption prevention on a fully check-summed file system to deliver industry-leading data integrity and protection.

Why us dollar logo


By offering superior performance at half the price, OpenDrives gives you the absolute best bang for your buck. Stop choosing between the storage you need and the storage you can afford. OpenDrives gives you both.

the total package

In addition to all of this, OpenDrives also gives you


A streamlined, intuitive UI to make management easy


Bandwidth and IOPS management


Quotas and provisioning




Zero-downtime storage expansion


Lossless compression


Data portability




Flexible architecture with multiple protocol and network integration

our team

Why us employee chad
Our fearless leader
Chad Knowles


A 20-year veteran of the media and technology industry, Chad has held executive positions with EMC and Blue Chip media companies. A successful entrepreneur, he co-founded, built and profitably sold both an internet company and a adigital media software company.

Why us employee sean
The glue
Sean Lee


An entertainment industry veteran with 20 years experience, Sean came to OpenDrives with decades of Production IT leadership including having held various executive positons at motion picture studios, production companies, post-production facilities and advertising agencies (where he was a client of OpenDrives). Sean has a unique understanding of the challenges clients are facing.

Why us employee michael
The foundation
Michael Wilsker

Platform Development

With over 20 years’ experience designing and managing mission critical systems and networks, Michael has also worked to author and implement new technologies in the digital cinema world. He has provided guidance to the entertainment industry’s largest content owners and distributors as they develop and streamline digital workflows.

Why us employee paul
The face man
Paul Swanson

Regional Sales Director

A veteran sales professional, Paul came to OpenDrives from Isilon, where he started with client accounts in the Pacific Northwest before rising through the ranks to join the Enterprise Sales Team in Southern California, focusing on media and entertainment. He is currently responsible for working with new prospective clients in determining the best ways for OpenDrives to create business value.

Why us employee nate
The problem-solver
Nate Carle

Head of Support

Prior to joining OpenDrives, Nate was the head systems engineer for a large advertising agency. Coming from the media entertainment industry and having served in creative, marketing and management positions, he understands complex workflows. Before that, Nate was an undercover agent and had nearly every job known to man: from TV repairman to comic book writer. Nate has also held roles at ABC, Activision, IGN and even served as a firefighter and EMT; rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Why us employee scot
The tech wiz
Scot Gray

Principal Product Manager

A technology architecture and product development veteran, with over 20 years’ experience, Scot hails from the large scale enterprise world of global finance with a focus on designing large scale, highly-available, highest-performance systems handling big data and real time analytics, often employing custom hardware and software solutions. Scot brings a proven approach to providing the best product experience for customers expecting superior quality, reliability and performance.

our history

OpenDrives was founded in 2009 by CTOs of visual effects companies, post-production facilities, and production companies who were frustrated by the lack of performance from traditional data storage providers. We wanted to create a faster data storage system to accommodate the increasing throughput and IOPS demands of higher-resolution workflows. So we did. And we called it OpenDrives.

After successfully solving our internal needs, we began to productize the technology, file for patents, and mass-produce OpenDrives data storage products. We grew from a few passionate individuals solving their own problems to a team serving customers worldwide - never straying from our focus and our commitment to delivering industry-leading performance at a price point that’s on-budget.

Our team’s expertise with media & entertainment workflows enables us to provide a level of targeted service and support that general storage companies simply don’t have. Our highly efficient storage solutions empower the imagination and insight of professionals wherever performance, flexibility, and reliability are paramount. The future of data belongs to OpenDrives. Won’t you join us?