Transcoding and Media Processing Solutions for Content Distribution and Broadcast with OpenDrives Network Attached Storage

Video Transcoding supercharged with fast storage

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Developed by industry professionals to solve industry-specific problems, OpenDrives NAS systems supercharge transcoding workflows with unparalleled performance (up to 18 GB/s) over industry-standard infrastructure using common file-sharing protocols (NFS, SMB, SFTP, & more).  Many transcoders are multi-threaded, and take full advantage of all the performance OpenDrives can provide.

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OpenDrives’ unique ATLAS operating system manages advanced file caching for amazing performance, along with 100% data integrity thanks to our fully checksummed filesystem. We’ve combined that performance with a simple, user-friendly web interface that allows for the provisioning of new shares in just a few seconds.

Based on customer feedback, OpenDrives implemented a feature ideal for transcoding workflows: real-time, per-client dynamic bandwidth management (bandwidth throttling). This means crucial workflows can have all the bandwidth they need, and lower-priority utility workflows (backup, archive, file transfer etc.) will not adversely impact performance during critical periods. When combined with our Capacity Quotas and Capacity Reservation features, storage administrators have the ability to meter (and potentially monetize) both bandwidth and capacity utilized.


OpenDrives systems are ultra-compact, delivering 2x-4x the performance per chassis versus the competition. Fewer chassis means fewer potential points of failure, less administrative overhead, less power, less cooling, less rack space, and fewer headaches overall.  OpenDrives’ support pricing model is simple: zero increases, period.  For a given system, whatever you pay in year one is the same price you’ll pay in year five, and in year ten. We encourage you to compare that with the typical support contract from other enterprise storage vendors, especially in years 5 and beyond.  The long-term savings with OpenDrives are profound.

Did we mention performance? Yes, we go faster – a lot faster. How does that impact TCO?  Saving just 1 minute per hour on a transcoding job is equivalent to ‘finding’ another 146 billable hours per server, per year.  The current average rate for transcoding services is approximately $250 per hour of source content.  That equates to $36,000 in additional revenue potential per server, per year. That’s tangible business impact derived from superior performance and 99.99% reliability. OpenDrives storage provides an ideal platform to flexibly empower the next generation of media processing and transcoding workflows.  Learn more about OpenDrives NAS storage solutions.