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In the ever-changing and fiercely competitive post-production industry, professional editorial facilities must be on the cutting edge of technology because creatives and technicians have to accomplish their work more efficiently and accurately than ever before all while reducing costs. The increased demand for higher resolution and high-frame-rate (HFR) content such as UHD, 4K, 6K, and 8K video is pushing the limits of traditional storage technologies creating workflow bottlenecks.

OpenDrives is the media and entertainment industry’s highest performing storage solution. Our products deliver mind-blowing speed, unparalleled data integrity, efficiency and flexibility. OpenDrives solutions are designed to maximize the performance of your complete content creation environment, serving as the connective tissue that brings together powerful workstations and the world’s most robust non-linear editorial platforms.

OpenDrives’ storage solutions consistently meet and exceed the demands of high-resolution, long-form narrative and collaborative video editing. Our seamless integration with industry-leading editorial software applications enables veteran editors, assistant editors and VFX artists to work concurrently in the same master project, without interruption, locking and sharing multiple projects at will, allowing post-production teams to edit and incorporate visual effects faster and easier than ever.

By keeping all of your digital assets and workflows on a single enterprise-grade shared storage platform, content is able to flow from ingest to conform and all the steps in between without the need to copy or move data to disparate storage devices, independent drives or workstations. By reducing the complexity of storage infrastructure and streamlining workflows, OpenDrives eliminates the time and resource intensive “workarounds” associated with using traditional storage technologies.

Many prominent film and television projects – such as Gone Girl (the world’s first studio 6K feature film), Deadpool, Birdman, Hail Caesar!, Suicide Squad, Silicon Valley, Mindhunter and House of Cards have relied on OpenDrives storage as the integral technical foundation for these boundary-pushing, “cannot-fail” post-production environments.

OpenDrives Atlas platform provides a single pane of glass for managing the NAS environment.

Atlas, OpenDrives’ software platform, provides unparalleled visibility and responsiveness into the demands of your workflow; offering seamless scalability, integrated data security, snapshots, and a robust bandwidth management toolset that allows you to maximize all of your working resources, even under variable load. All of these features, and more, come together in the Atlas platform to provide cascading productivity increases and cost savings across multiple workflows in your production studio. Our developers engage in deep analysis of the inner workings of these non-linear editing platforms enabling Atlas to dynamically adapt to data workloads and optimize the performance of these software solutions.

In every OpenDrives product, hardware and software work in concert to maximize the performance envelope and enhance the user’s experience.

On the hardware side, our Overdrive module integrates the power of all-flash technology from our Apex product platform into our hybrid Summit line, to provide a unique and unprecedented opportunity for editorial teams: a truly shared cache. Waveform peak and cache files are generated once, during project open, and every subsequent editor using the same media will inherit these files, launching them directly into the edit.

Not only does this architecture enable editors to open and close projects with ease from wherever necessary in your facility, Atlas’s dynamic and intelligent prefetching algorithms significantly enhance performance in the generation of cache files as well as decreasing project load times. Projects that previously took 18 minutes to open (tested in a 15-minute reel of a major motion picture), now open in under a minute. Even projects with tens of thousands of assets are indexed and opened in a fraction of the time.

OpenDrives allows for the highest performance editing the industry has ever seen. Our technology will serve the files you need so fast that you’ll think it’s reading your mind. Our intelligent filesystem recognizes where you want to work on your project and accelerates your ability to get there. 

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