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Faster Color Correction with OpenDrives Network Attached Storage

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OpenDrives is the media and entertainment industry’s proven leader in ultra-high-performance, enterprise-grade shared storage. OpenDrives delivers jaw-dropping performance, reliability, data efficiency and the flexibility to creatively manage all your assets and workflows on a single shared storage platform.

Developed by industry professionals to solve the most challenging industry problems, OpenDrives has been used on numerous demanding studio features – Gone Girl, Deadpool, Hail, Caesar! and dozens more. OpenDrives has provided the mission-critical live asset repositories for these demanding “cannot-fail” post-production environments. By radically reducing the complexity of storage infrastructure, and by simplifying users’ workflows, OpenDrives eliminates the delays and ‘workarounds’ associated with traditional storage solutions. Our clients benefit from cascading productivity increases and cost savings across multiple aspects of their businesses.

At the heart of each OpenDrives storage system, the custom-built ATLAS software platform offers seamless ‘zero downtime’ scalability, integrated data security, filesystem snapshots, and a robust and intuitive web-based management interface. Administrators can easily view, manage and optimize storage allocation and bandwidth utilization, even under variable loads. ATLAS leverages these capabilities (and more) to provide intelligent administration combined with real-time utilization analytics suitable for modeling project costs and predicting future business needs.

The OpenDrives Avalanche network-attached storage system provides unmatched throughput for color correction workflows. Whether the project calls for 8K 12 bit DPX, multiple concurrent streams of HD 4444, 4K EXR, or hours of original camera RAW files, the Avalanche delivers

the performance demanded by color grading workflows, while also consolidating disparate storage pools, drastically reducing copy and render time and increasing team productivity.

Shared network storage provides your editors and colorists the opportunity to work from the same material on the same shared volume. This radically reduces the waiting period to get into and through color after picture lock. With blistering speeds as high as 3.6 GB/s to each workstation, OpenDrives frequently enable artists to eliminate the typical conforming step in their workflows, and simply work in the native resolution of your source media. This saves time, money, and headaches.

The benefits and flexibility obtained from empowering color correction software with OpenDrives Apex NAS translate into real-world financial opportunities. These include delivering more billable color correction services at more points in your workflow; having the time to spin more iterations to fine-tune a project; having more time & bandwidth to take on more clients in parallel; and achieving better synergy and efficiency with other partners or departments in your post-production environment.

OpenDrives Avalanche creates an incredibly powerful and sophisticated workflow engine to power new opportunities for any Color Correction enterprise. 

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