A versatile yet powerful hybrid flash (SSD/HDD) storage array for multiple, concurrent workflows

In diverse multi-user content creation environments,
Spectre shines

In production environments with constantly evolving workflow requirements, Spectre delivers the flexibility and performance you need at a price that’s on-budget. Versatile and powerful, this hybrid SSD and HDD storage system provides instantaneous access to large files and projects.

With OpenDrives’ most popular product, you can expect amazing performance and incredible value for your money with Spectre. Spectre is a “production studio in a box” and can handle multiple concurrent workflows including video editing, VFX and color grading in any file format, resolution or codec.

Spectre delivers superior cache management and SSD acceleration specifically designed to optimize high-throughput workflows. A single storage system that eliminates complexity – you will never have to divide large projects among multiple volumes or move files between systems just to make room.

Spectre is Designed For Flexibility
  • A hybrid HDD and SSD solution.
  • Capacities starting at 72 TeraBytes and scalable to multiple PetaBytes.
  • 9 GB/s aggregate throughput (yes we said Gigabytes) and 5 GB/s throughput to a single user.
  • Native NAS protocols (NFS,SMB)
  • Complete, transparent software integration for ease-of-use.
  • Supports any file format, codec, or resolution.
  • Edit, render, transcode, color and incorporate visual effects faster than ever.
  • Industry-leading price to performance ratio.
  • Supports multiple simultaneous workflows and projects.
A Robust Software Feature Set at No Extra Cost
  • Fully-featured, industry-leading enterprise software.
  • Supports enterprise networking protocols.
  • Flexible Ethernet architecture for quick and easy setup (no costly fibre-channel switches or fibre runs needed).
  • A sleek and intuitive software management interface (OPUS GUI).
  • Optimized bandwidth monitoring and management.
  • In-line lossless compression across every file type.
  • Fault-tolerant, check summed storage to maximize data integrity.
  • Customized hardware configuration for enhanced software performance and integration.
  • Replication, mirroring, and data snapshots for disaster recovery.
  • Sophisticated load balancing for effective workload optimization.
  • Advanced metadata management for easy cataloging, filtering, and searching.
  • Zero-downtime expansion as your capacity needs grow.
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