Omni-Management Platform

Atlas OmniManagement
Network Attached Storage Management Made Easy

Atlas is our enterprise-grade management platform purpose-built for performance. Atlas incorporates an extensible 128-bit file system with efficient data striping, resilient data protection, and a sleek integrated web user interface. Atlas is the simplest way to configure, optimize, protect and manage data storage volumes.

Atlas offers enterprise-class security, data protection, availability, and reliability compared to traditional RAID storage while vastly improving write speeds. Atlas optimizes throughput and IOPS for large-file media workflows while delivering >85% utilization.  

A single interface to maximize performance.

Data integrity and the ability to recover data seamlessly and quickly are a must. OmniBackup uses a fully-checksummed filesystem to constantly verify the integrity of your data.

OmniBackup is powered by snapshots and allows you to schedule multi-threaded asynchronous automated backups at 4TB per hour without sacrificing performance.

OmniRepair is our proactive, self-healing file regeneration system that prevents data corruption and data degradation keeping you a step ahead of your workflow.

Grow without downtime with OmniLogic, our predictive capacity analytics system that tracks data utilization proactively. 

Media acceleration inherent in our Summit system speeds up applications like Adobe Premiere.  High-resolution team video editing is 10 times faster than other NAS solutions with OmniDrive.

OmniSpeed is built-in to all our solutions with a unique architecture of RAM-based interception of metadata and file seek requests that dramatically reduce file seek times, while the modular configuration of the systems allows for direct-connect 1GB, 10GB, 40GB, 50GB and 100GB Ethernet to align to your current network topology.

Intent-based bandwidth management to distribute bandwidth when needed so you can run backups without stopping your workflow or compromising performance.

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