Our enterprise software platform drives high performance and low latency storage solutions with a single pane of glass

Atlas is our enterprise-grade management platform which is purpose-built for driving OpenDrives’ performance-focused storage solutions. We have designed Atlas to be highly usable, facilitating ease of management through a single pane of glass. In fact, you can manage all OpenDrives systems from one interface, no matter how distributed your storage infrastructure is. The many features in Atlas make possible extremely high performance and low latency, storage infrastructure resiliency, and data integrity.

Atlas includes a host of features designed to support ultra-high performance

  • Inline and Pro-Active Caching, ensures that all I/O transacts through higher-performance RAM/NVMe before ever hitting slower HDDs. Your upcoming data is already there and waiting in a higher-performance layer for you to access it easily.
  • Pods. Encapsulating and offloading work into confined and secure containers, getting the most out of your storage system’s idle cycles.
  • Bandwidth Throttling.  Allowing you to throttle individual workstations and shape your NAS network.
  • Dynamic Data Efficiency.  Block and data stripes are sized in alignment with the incoming data, ensuring that underlying I/O transactions are always minimized and precious usable capacity isn’t wasted, in order to drive higher performance.

The OpenDrives Atlas platform incorporates functionality that really drives our ultra-high performance and other high-value outcomes.

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