Atlas Cloud

Run and manage workloads in the cloud

A highly performant on-premise storage solution can drive the most demanding workflows, but not every workflow requires the same performance levels or capabilities. OpenDrives’ Atlas Cloud delivers flexibility, convenience, and economy to the cloud storage you need to run your business.

OpenDrives Atlas Cloud

At the core of every OpenDrives storage solution is our powerful Atlas software. Atlas is our enterprise-grade management platform that drives speed and performance while enabling ease of use and centralized storage management through a single pane of glass interface. Atlas now supports the ability to run on public cloud instances—providing the data management, integrity, and flexibility you need but can’t achieve with basic cloud services. You can now manage AWS storage with Atlas, with future support for Google Cloud Platform and Azure services.

The challenges

The reasons for shifting workloads to public cloud resources vary between organizations. Leveraging public cloud storage can be helpful in responding to common challenges:

  •  Trying to meet cloud-first initiatives while guaranteeing a level of performance and range of capabilities appropriate for your workflows.
  • Shifting to more flexible consumption models for IT infrastructure, including predictable and adaptable OpEx models that work better for your company’s bottom line.
  • Enabling storage management and administration with as few software tools as possible, preferably with a single pane of glass interface supporting all your storage resources.
  • Providing a unified user experience that reduces learning curves and promotes user adoption of cloud resources.
  • Meeting the accessibility requirements of a geographically distributed and remote user base.
  • Accounting for solution scalability to ensure longevity, greater ROI, and reduced TCO.

Atlas Cloud is the solution

The secret to OpenDrives’ ultra-high-performance storage solutions is our Atlas software platform, which accelerates storage performance through innovative data caching, robust data integrity, and intuitive storage management. Atlas Cloud brings these benefits and more to your cloud storage infrastructure:

  • Enabling workloads to run in your public cloud at high speeds and with the ability to scale to whatever those workloads demand, just like your on-premise solutions.
  • Performing object-to-file translation to enable sharing a cloud resource as non-cloud (mounting S3 and serving it as SMB) and sharing non-cloud as a cloud resource (serving a local resource as S3).
  • Centralizing all storage management both on-premise and cloud-based within Atlas for a true single-pane-of-glass experience and familiar user experience.
  • Achieving scale-up performance leveraging public cloud resources.

OpenDrives Atlas Cloud Architecture

This diagram is intended to be a representative example of an Atlas Cloud instance.

Looking for white-glove managed services?

Atlas Cloud Managed Services takes setup and operations off your hands

Atlas Cloud Managed Services is an OpenDrives owned and operated solution combining OpenDrives’ performance, ease of use, and stability with the infinite elasticity of public cloud providers. Expertly led by our Customer Experience team, OpenDrives’ managed services takes the guesswork off your plate, providing a predictable, scalable platform to lift media workflows from on-premise into the cloud.

The Atlas Cloud Managed Services offering includes:

  • AWS Cloud instance provisioning and configuration to make sure your resources are handled correctly
  • Operations support to standardize performance and guarantee all users/instance types achieve their day-to-day workflows
  • Incident support with service-level agreements for support and services engagements.
  • Request support in a collaborative approach to cloud partnership growth, including sandboxed workflow testing and deployment configuration testing.

Our Approach

On-Premise and Cloud Storage

Organizations no longer have to make a strategic choice between leveraging on-premise or cloud storage services. With Atlas Cloud, you can lift and shift appropriate workflows into your public cloud storage while still enjoying the performance and administrative benefits you’ve come to expect from OpenDrives’ Atlas software.

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