2018 Product Range

LOS ANGELES, April 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OpenDrives, a global provider of ultra-fast shared storage solutions for the media and entertainment (M&E), corporate video and healthcare imaging industries, announced today its 2018 lineup of shared network-attached storage (NAS) solutions. The range features a breadth of offerings across market tiers, including two all-new offerings designed to be accessible to small teams and mid-sized editors, visual effects artists, colorists and graphic artists.

Debuting Accessible Professional-Grade Offerings

Addressing the rapid growth of the small to mid-size market, OpenDrives has released two all-new professional-grade offerings: Pinnacle hybrid storage and Alta all-flash storage that allow smaller teams to collaborate on very large files in near-real time. Pinnacle is a powerful hybrid HDD/NVMe storage solution featuring up to 288TB capacity and UHD ProRes 422 LT/UHD ProRes XQ/DNxHR HQ/R3D 4KFF 8:1 compression stream counts, delivering up to 5GB/second aggregate throughput. Alta, an affordable high-performance all-flash storage product, features up to 144TB capacity and 3-streams of 4K Uncompressed UHD 10-bit stream counts, delivering up to 10GB/second aggregate throughput performance.

Redesigned and Significantly Upgraded Performance Offerings

The OpenDrives product range also includes the enterprise-level Apex, Summit and Ridgeview systems designed to address a multitude of high-demand big data workflow environments. Summit is a powerful hybrid HDD/NVMe storage solution featuring up to multiple PB capacity, UHD 10-bit uncompressed performance and up to 9GB/second aggregate throughput via a new media accelerator driving extreme low latency and strikingly faster loading, scrubbing and other operational performance. Apex is OpenDrives’ extreme performance all-flash storage solution, featuring up to multiple PB capacity, a 6 UHD 10-bit stream count and market-leading 18GB/second aggregate throughput capability. Finally, the highly-upgraded Ridgeview is the company’s enterprise flexible high-density storage solution for active archive featuring up to multiple PB capacity, ideal for use as a backup tier working with OpenDrives’ OmniBackup multi-threaded fully-checksummed backup engine delivering 4TB per hour of secure backups.

Newly Designed and Optimized Storage Operating System

Keeping with major shifts in its product offerings, OpenDrives has released Atlas, a new Omni-Management operating system to replace its prior storage O/S, Opus. Atlas features capabilities to optimize performance and protect data, such as OmniDrive native media accelerator, OmniLogic predictive data usage analysis and OmniIntent, an intent-based bandwidth distributor, among many other optimization-focused functions.

“For too long, the data storage industry has focused on increasingly faster drives, while ignoring how the file system reads and writes data”, Chad Knowles, chief executive officer of OpenDrives explained. “Data storage technology has traditionally struggled to deliver great performance because of the focus on selling capacity over value. OpenDrives is focused on the efficiencies gained by optimizing how data is read, written and managed by the file system. Being the only provider truly optimizing those efficiencies, OpenDrives delivers greater performance by accommodating larger files in near real time with more concurrent users. We’re proud to release our 2018 solutions range delivering on that promise.”  Read the full press release.




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