In the Press

Let’s look at a few linkups, one between storage companies and another between a storage company and a major data center provider, sandwiched between discussion of products that support CXL for PCIe Gen 5.0.

Spectra Logic, maker of storage systems and management solutions, particularly for long term data retention, and OpenDrives, a manufacturer of enterprise scalable network attached storage (NAS) announced announced and end-to-end, fully integrated data storage and storage lifecycle management solution.  The combined solution integrates OpenDrive’s high-performance, low-latency primary storage with Spectra Logic’s StorCycle Storage lifecycle Management software.  Together the combination of primary and secondary storage combined with a dynamic storage lifecycle management system that puts data and content in the right place when it is needed.

Spectra’s StorCycle identifies and migrates inactive data and finished projects from primary storage to a lower cost tier of storage that can include cloud storage, HDDs or magnetic tape.  Open storage standards such as SMB, NFS and LTFS are used in the solution and it reported that installation and configuration can be done in a few hours.  By regularly moving older less used data from primary to secondary storage, companies can optimize their use of higher performance and more expensive primary storage and balance their needs for performance and lower cost.

The combination is aimed for managing data in the media and entertainment, high performance computing, education, research, healthcare and government markets.

Astera Labs announced its Aries Compute Express Link (CXL 2.0) Smart Retimer portfolio for low-latency connectivity.  Smart retimers help overcome signal integrity issues for PCIe 4.0, 5.0 and CXL systems.