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Strong, robust, efficient

EBR demands fast and efficient data storage and retrieval functionality. To minimize costly interruptions, outages, and service level penalties, you also need data storage that’s flexible, scalable, easy to use, interoperable with other technologies, and most importantly economical. Tape backup is anything but this.

OpenDrives EBR solution

Our solution incorporates enterprise-grade NAS storage that doesn’t lock you into proprietary technical solutions or vendor approaches. It can greatly improve your EBR operations while serving as a launching pad to upgrading your general-purpose enterprise storage infrastructure.

The challenges with legacy solutions

Tape is still a go-to method for basic data backup, restore, and archiving. It gets the job done, if that’s all you’re trying to do.

If you’re wanting to reduce operational expenses while adopting forward-leaning technologies in the data center, tape is not the answer. With tape-based solution, you grapple with the following problems:

  • Slow speeds that run the risk of incurring costly SLA penalties due to restoration delays
  • The need for manual intervention that complicates management and oversight efforts
  • Hidden costs that negatively affect ROI, TCO, and solution longevity
  • Reduced reliability and increased chance of data corruption or loss
  • Complex interfaces that aren’t very usable

Our solution overcomes the challenges

OpenDrives has a more efficient, cost-effective, and high-performance approach to EBR. We design our storage solutions to greatly exceed minimum operational requirements, with a focus on outperformance in every functional metric:

  • Based on tapeless enterprise-grade disk storage with software-powered automation
  • Immediate cost benefits upon deployment with reduced operational costs throughout its lifecycle due to ease of use and management
  • Extreme scale-up capabilities with highly dependable, fully checksummed data integrity
  • Full support for containers and microservices
  • Serves as a general-purpose storage target for any peripheral system in the data center with standard protocol support (SMB, NFS, and S3)
  • Turn-key implementation service and flawless deployment execution

OpenDrives EBR Workflow

What makes us different

Quite a few things set us apart. Our storage solutions are used in some of the most data-intensive industries with incredibly complex workflows, so we know how to create ultra-high-performance storage solutions that are also easy to use, manage, and integrate. But we also pay close attention to other details.

  • We’re laser-focused on the customer experience and customer satisfaction
  • We develop a tight, consultative partnership with our enterprise customers-business isn’t just transactional for us
  • We collaborate with our customers to co-design and implement the right solution the first time
  • Our implementations are turn-key and delivered with white-glove treatment
  • We achieve incredible financial savings over tape-based solutions, often meeting or exceeding 40%-50% total savings over our tape-based competitors’ solutions

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