Software Development the Improv Way

It’s been said that Improv is a religion for most people who are obsessed with the art, but for Matt, it’s not just a way to express his creativity but also a means to relax. Meet Matt Moeller, our software development expert who is adept in Javascript, HTML, and CSS all day long.

After moving to Los Angeles from Orlando, Florida, Matt had his sights set on the big Hollywood dream of filmmaking. In addition to his work at OpenDrives, he writes and shoots short films using training from his 13-year love affair with Improv. This fits naturally within the OpenDrives team as our background in media and entertainment gives each member of the team a creative edge. As a hard-working group striving to disrupt the data storage industry, a bit of laughter goes a long way and is a welcome addition to the daily activities. This lighthearted approach to work, coupled with Matt’s love of professional wrestling, makes for quite a character here at OpenDrives.

Matt’s daily carry – love that mask!

Matt loves wrestling’s blend of athleticism, theatrics, and storytelling, and this ties directly into his innate love for Improv. To the doubters and folks who think wrestling is silly and not a real sport, Moeller quotes Paul Heyman, arguably the greatest manager in wrestling history: “Wrestling is an art form, I don’t worry about those who don’t get it, I worry about satisfying those who do.”

Matt’s main focus for OpenDrives is our operating system user interface, included in all our systems that provides our customers’ speed, reliability, and scalability like no other NAS systems on the market today. Building software comes naturally to Matt as his father introduced him early on to computers and software. He gained a strong work ethic as well as technical skills. This discipline has helped Matt and OpenDrives continue to focus on flow and user experience so our customers can benefit from the expertly developed software that matches our best-in-class hardware. “I expect every software release to be as robust and functional for our client as our hardware is,” Moeller fervently states. “After all, some of these systems have to live in an air-gapped environment and the software they ship with is the software that lives on it for a long, long time.”

Matt’s skillset and personality are on the long list of reasons we all love working at OpenDrives and love working with Matt, our resident funny guy.

 In an effort to get better acquainted with the team, this OpenDrives employee feature was written by Sandra Dunbar, OpenDrives VP of Marketing and a new addition to the OpenDrives family.

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