NAB 2018 Wrap Up

We just wrapped up NAB 2018 and left Las Vegas exhilarated with a sense of excitement around shared storage, specifically for OpenDrives.  At NAB, we showcased an end-to-end studio experience with demo areas for editing, color correcting, VFX and transcoding.  Our demos featured editing with Adobe Premiere, color grading/correction with BlackMagic DaVinci Resolve and VFX with The Foundry’s Nuke. Learn more about OpenDrives media workflow solutions.

No other shared storage vendors were able to show the accelerated, real-time workflow that OpenDrives delivered in our demo’s at NAB.  Our hands-on demo’s allowed users to experience the real-time workflow that OpenDrives Summit provides, and we pushed it to the limits with no downtime, no restarts, no hiccups – always ON!  This is important to note because we had a full studio workflow set up with uncompressed 4k, 6k and 8k raw, yes RAW uncompressed footage all being worked on at the same time from one Summit system.  Shared storage is no longer the bottleneck in high-resolution media workflows.  #yourfastistooslow

We were featured in the StudioXperience with HP & Intel.  Live broadcast video interviews were managed by OpenDrives Apex system. Again, no downtime, no restarts, no hiccups!  Our CEO Chad Knowles was interviewed in the StudioXperience along with two of our customers: PopTV’s Patrick Yew, VP of Post Production and Legendary Digital’s Gerry Mattei, Sr. Director of Production Operations and Matt Carson, editor of Deadpool and the upcoming Terminator Reboot.

In addition, we were proud to be showcased in partner booths like Adobe.  Did you know that OpenDrives accelerates Adobe Premiere Pro up to ten time faster than other storage solutions enabling content creation teams to work in real-time!

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